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yoyo yo yo
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on tago mago
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2016-01-10 15:04:14
as your attorney i advise you to watch the movie reality (2014) by mr. oizo, featuring napoleon dynamite guy, and the tim and eric guy. good one.
watched the revenant was alittle bored now i think its pretty good. 

2015-12-14 23:29:37
wow so much potential
cant open the mata hari video is private

2015-12-08 23:45:51
new star wars made by disney so this:
ab min 3:00. this is a good joke. gonna be put in telekom jail for this. pray for me : ab min 21:

2015-12-03 02:18:30
applied for burning man art funding. there's a project page for that 

at lets see what happens next. something like this:

The installation allows one to five Burners to sit or lay down in a chamber and to experience their brainwave in real-time through audiovisual feedback. Every Burner gets a neuro-headset, a medical grade electroencephalography device, that consists of a comfortable, desert-suitable headband. Brainwaves are being measured and collected by a machine, that reads and interprets the activity of each Burner, looking at certain frequency dynamics known through Neurofeedback. The electrodes are on the forehead, which read activity from both brain hemispheres. Furthermore, synchrony and asynchrony between users is captured and presented. Through the machine’s interpretation, sounds and visuals are being generated fluently, from which a psychedelic feedback and feeling of unity with participating Burners (“being on the same wavelength”), emerges. The feedback has a complex but comprehensible and intuitive nature, with different sorts of climaxes. The visuals encompass moving through generative, fractal 3D architecture, softly blended with footage of nature - hypnagogia is being promoted. Depending on the group relaxation, specific renderings become softer, and calming patterns emerge. Simultaneously an ensemble of synthesizers and audio samples emanate at different time scales, in accordance to short-, mid- and long-term brainwave activities. Effects to the acoustics are being modulated by brainwave activities as well. As another climax, a highly active / focussed state is being expressed through intense shifts of colors in the overall scene.

coming to dew's castle 20th of Dec Dec Dec.

2015-11-22 01:02:01
pick a color.
or don't.


You had your picks on this one.


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