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Tuesday - Dec 19 - 2017 - 17:53:45
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Thursday - Oct 5 - 2017 - 11:42:17
yoyo yo yo
by grafzahl
Sunday - Oct 1 - 2017 - 06:51:06
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Sunday - May 27 - 2018 - 02:47:20
by Marcusclite
on no?
Sunday - May 27 - 2018 - 02:44:27
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on Golgi tendon organ
Sunday - May 27 - 2018 - 02:43:59
by Jameswoumb
on yoyo yo yo
2017-09-25 17:44:26
2017-09-19 18:12:45

probably you know this stuff already a 100 years and find it boring?

i kinda like it.

2017-09-07 15:24:19
2017-09-05 20:42:48
i mean... feels like it.

2017-08-30 10:29:41
dreamt i had a desktop computer in a big german gas station. i was turning on some song which sounded like the smiths. the customers told me to turn up the volume. the music video had three layers. the background was some blue ocean and waves. then the next layer was a pink 80ies towncar. and in front from left to right a guy in a white suit, underneath a red shirt sticking out of his suite's sleeves and collar. he wore black sunglasses and played guitar. however he was moving around with that guitar in way i got the impression it was just an inflatable toy guitar. the next guy was a hindi in a gray suit, he was the singer. the next guys i cannot remember though. the whole scene was slowly and elegantly trucking (moving from left to right).

before that i dreamt there was a mouse i was able to call. it then came pretty quickly at me. it was pretty small. it wanted to show me that it fits inside a lunch box. i was impressed. then it went away again.

6 years since the mouse was heard in berlin, man!!
i'm sick and tired of time passing by like that.

pick a color.
or don't.


You had your picks on this one.


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