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yoyo yo yo
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2011-01-24 07:08:54

But this is so genuine. Seems even more random at first.

2011-01-24 01:17:28
so far

this might seem random at first.

2011-01-22 22:22:48

tentacles (1977) with john huston
check out from 1:00.00-1:05.00

masterpiece of magical american cinematography. the colors and the light together. amazing photographer. this picture is not very good, kind of gay so.
please check out for yourself, the outdoor scences on land look breathtaking. bright green grass .
produce pictures like that please someday.

oh yeah, the plot is probably ridiculously bogus.

only criticism - no obvious connection to  mr. dennis tom petty though.

some poetry:
that summer feeling's gonna haunt you the rest of your live.

When the playground that just was all dirt comes hauntin
And that little girl that called you a flirt
Memory comes tauntin
You pick these things apart they're not that appealin
You put them together and you'll get a certain feeling
That summer feeling is gonna haunt you one day in your life

great introduction great riff great song

that it, i've got no more time for writin', got to watch every existing american girl tim petty video.

Here's the line up for the Hurricane Festival 2011:

Foo Fighters ·  Blink-182 ·  Arcade Fire ·  The Chemical Brothers ·  Portishead ·  Arctic Monkeys ·  The Hives ·  Gogol Bordello ·  Flogging Molly ·  Elbow ·  The Wombatserge ·  Comeback Kid ·  Kvelertak ·  Frittenbude ·  Egotronic

Not conviced, yet, actually. But let's see.

2011-01-21 00:50:44
at the beginning.
i think he looks like herr berghoff. safe nature.
 a true and truthful teacher of human understatement.

(physics teacher 11-13)
it is also of vital importance that you inform me about your thoughts and feelings regarding tom petty's moving (facial expressions inc), esp. at 2:46.
then this:

not a great performance, but notice the beginning, when the people run to the stage. i think you should use that (energy) in one of your pictures.
and something great i found:

and steen made a song called: benefizgravur. good title, stenn.
keep doing it.

pick a color.
or don't.


You had your picks on this one.


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