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yoyo yo yo
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2011-01-20 06:59:32
The best news I've heard since the discovery of the thirteenth zodiac sign.
There are great changes coming up. I can feel it. Everybody sit tight.

2011-01-19 02:01:42

"right from the heart?"
"how's this?"

2011-01-19 01:11:48

Really beginning around 2:00. I wish they could replace the XX in every
plane of existance, in and outside of the universe.

picture from sweet station

check out sweet station.

2011-01-18 02:38:11
Hello Whales.

This is a must-do for me. Check out Falk's new critter (Bambini Blue):

The latin name is Lygodactylus williamsi. He is worth a freakin' fortune. Awesome.
Imagine one of them cleaning your computer. They sure got small fingers. Or answering
the phone for you. What else can I think of? Oh yeah, on your shoulder, takin' him
everywhere you go, instead of a parrot. They're démondé anyways.

Reptiles for the win!

i mean, in a silent way, but uh.

 the book will be called:
motocross madness (my heavy little heart)

for this.
yeah, they're moving alllllrrrrrrrrright.
they also combined the best duo of all of pop music, david bowies voice and iggy pops hair, to get this -
tom petty.

total movement highlight at 2:46. whale award

pick a color.
or don't.


You had your picks on this one.


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