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2011-01-07 17:36:01
Hey, I just found out the future started yesterday. Heureka. I'm talking about designing and printing out 3D models. It's still pretty expensive, but it was the same with VHS, CD and DVD. The quality of the material is varying a lot, the common plastic type isn't perfect yet. They are somewhat fragile if you twist or bend them too much. So it's probably not ideal if you're planning to design toys for the brats. Or you're sure your brats are smart enough and don't break 'em. OK, you know what. You should try it anyways even if the latter isn't the case!

That's the stuff a coworker was printing out. Some of the models actually felt pretty rigid.
A chess figure would cost roundabout $15. And they're hollow.

This one broke easy. It's too thin. Just like my sanity.

Material close up. Neat stuff. Anyways there's this one page selling these self-designed thingies.
You can choose from either steel, alumide, glass and (colored) plastic. I just figured out they could
use some business competition. there's no other big companies offering this stuff, yet. Who's it
gonna be? Maybe a whale fantastique.

And heeere is just another classic piece of art mixed with a chimpanzee painting.

but i'm coming back to it again and again and now i REALLY dig it. done before placebo took tis new.
i even nominated it for best track award!

yo same thing about this. this is an easy language and a 6star post:
well you know four tet plastic people it grooves.
make sure , PLEASE, to watch this til the end. it is good.WHALE AWARD GIVEN

and this too

2011-01-06 04:09:08

Best Mantra since
ॐ नमः शिवाय.

And the future of food.

2011-01-05 22:03:15

youtube comments:
dude... my shoes are talking to me!
we-are-pretzels, al-au-dododo-da-da-da, we-are-pretzels, up-in-the-sky dai-dadai-dai-daii.
also, if you see this crazy loon, by all means be careful, he may be armed and/or harmless. you may have heard...

o and this, for the fänetrischen wal. fucking great-

Hey, this is not actually big news for the outer world. This entry will marked internal, soon.
Only if you haven't heard this Aphex Twin tune before.

The video comes pretty close to what I imagine when I'm listening to this song.
Ethereal. I've used this word quite often, it's inflationary, but this is the real shit.

And then there is this old famous Drischian trance prayer.
"Kleinigkeit, Riesendämbeng, jaja, genau"

pick a color.
or don't.


You had your picks on this one.


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