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yoyo yo yo
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2011-01-04 01:49:33
know jj.
another good but not great band. you know masterplan by jj? great language sample in it and xylophone.
gonna do a remix of this soon and it's gonna be sooo awesome man:

2011-01-04 00:35:59

Thank you Austria :D

It's something between How To Dress Well and The XX.

2011-01-03 23:55:40
nice to have some twin peaks around.
hope someone's coming soon:

one of those days here, you know?

2011-01-03 10:57:48
Hey early, unofficial followers.

I went to San Francisco on New Years Eve.

Mistakes on the part of nature
The living proof of what they're calling love
On certain sideway streets
Where things that don't match meet

I noticed some fireworks at the Harry Bridges Plaza.

Me, finally in a Strech Limo, again.

We went to a nifty Loft party.

Crazy people. Two days later we checked out Haight-Ashbury.

They had some records. This felt like...

...looking at an old mossy stairway flanked by huge ferns and groovy trees.

2010-12-30 21:13:27
Good liquor brand coming up in your city, soon.

This is the dog that lives in Falks flat.

Reminds me of Alf.

pick a color.
or don't.


You had your picks on this one.


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