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yoyo yo yo
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probably the longest dream of my life
2017-06-10 21:33:34
Dreamt I was driving with my cousin in a Trabbi through some villages, roads were covered with snow, and we slid across some corners. It was dark, however then I spotted some huge mountains, with trees on them, no snow. They were bright as if some giant spot was directed at them. Then Mash woke me up, 8 AM, returning from a shitty smoking bar. I then dreamt I was a jet aircraft in some computer game, which was running very slowly at first. I destroyed some other jets with lasers. Then approached a forest and on some giant columns there was a platform with glass windows and roof, a cable car leading somewhere, and a little control room with solid metal walls. Inside was a long table next to the wall, and three computers placed in a row.

While I was examining one of them I recognized they were the computers I bought throughout my life. With some cheezy background images, edited in photoshop with no remorse whatsoever about all the rules of visual aesthetics that I broke. A photo of a forest tinted in neon blue. I wanted to know what was on the computer, some triple-x files showed up, nothing special. I opened a video, it was from some vacation time on Rügen, a rail road near the seas. Some guys were jumping on a train, without getting injured. A guy on a unicycle was following the train while playing trumpet. He drove against a wooden pole and hit his head. Although he was driving pretty fast, he didn't seem to be injured much. Some buddies approached him, with laughter. At this time I was actually in the scene. I also approached him. I gave him a cold beer which he enjoyed while lying on the rails.

I was suddenly at the beach. There I spotted some little rock formations. I had some fancy colored suit on. From the distance I could hear some ladies singing about me, in some Marlene Dietrich cabaret style. It was about how I like to deal with women, first to sleep with them, and love comes much later. At the same time I had to climb around the rock, there was a little rope to grab while swinging around the corner where I found the entry to a secret hotel room, with a bed and a drawer. I was searching the room, thought I would find some residues of illegal things.

Somehow I was back in the control tower, but it was in a huge futuristic city. I was jumping out, as I had the ability to fly. I was landing. There was somebody lying on a skateboard or something, on a road between huge skyscrapers. There was nobody else walking on the street. I remember having some thoughts about consciousness and brainwave activities. How could it be altered to reach exotic states of mind. By the time I had the feeling I was speaking out loud to some secret service officers who were dealing with extrasensory perception or something. I was going away from the guy on the skateboard, I was looking at the reflections of the windows of one of the skyscrapers at the ground level. The columns of the building across resembled the Nasa Space shuttle before launch. I said "it looks like Cape Canaveral!". I cannot explain how it was related to the consciousness discussion, but it was. Suddenly I flew back to the guy lying on the skateboard hovering close above the street which I was slightly touching with one of my running shoes.

That's it.

Cool story bro:

and not from this world:



mc boing is a carmic copy of me
2017-06-11 12:15:38 - grafzahl
jeremy geddes?
2017-06-11 12:13:34 - grafzahl


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